About Us

We are a community brought together through friends and family.

               Spring Hill Church was started in the late 1880's under the leadership of the late Rev. Lee Wise. Rev. Turner Bradley and those who work with him came together to purchase land from W.L. Floyd. This purchase led to the first worship house being built on October 28, 1893.

            In the early years of the church , there was no electric power. Revivals were held mid-afternoon. People would leave their farms and come to church. Once service ended they would return to their farms and work. There were very few car so most of the families used horses and buggies for transportation.

In 1949, a young energetic Rev. J.D. Grier came and under his leadership the old church was remodeled.

In 1950, Spring Hill began observing Annual Women's and Men's Days. The church built its first choir loft and organized our first choir.

         The choir became a community choir serving Early Hope Baptist Church on first Sundays, Spring Hill Methodist Church on second and fourth Sundays, and Good Hope Baptist Church on third Sundays. The congregations of all three churches worshipped together and participated in each other's church services. The community  was very spiritually centered at that time. Most everyone lived near their church so those without transportation would walk to services.

      There were many traditions and annual services established during this time. During revival week, the church pastor and visiting pastors were served three meals of fried chicken, homemade lemonade and fresh vegetables. The church reached out to the community every Easter win an Easter Service and a community Easter egg hunt. Vacation Bible School was held during revival week which concluded with a community picnic and baseball game on Friday. Our annual Homecoming service continue to be celebrated the second week of August.

      On October 8, 1972 we marched from the Old Church  into our new church. In 1975, the Methodist Men added a steeple. Around 2008 we began having worship service at Spring Hill United Methodist Church every Sunday. We now stand at 129 years and God's work moves on!